Bear Mountain Ranch

Contact: Britt Carmichael 
Phone:  970-724-9651 
Cell: 970-846-9635
Colorado Outfitters License #2296


Located in the Rocky Mountains of Northwestern Colorado, Bear Mountain Ranch offers an exclusive and unique location for a hunting adventure, vacation or corporate retreat.
The ranch offers some of the best hunting in the Rocky Mountains - Bear Mountain Ranch is summer and fall home to hundreds of elk, mule deer and pronghorn.  Additionally Trophy Elk my be hunted in the private preserve.  Bear Mountain Ranch also offers Free Ranging Trophy Bison hunts.
Trophy Elk –
While Bear Mountain Ranch is home of hundreds of elk, few found in the wild are magnificent trophy bulls.  If hunting a trophy animal is your dream, Bear Mountain Ranch offers an incredible experience.  Hunting from ground blinds near game trails, our hunters frequently observe three to four superb trophy bulls in a single day.

No license is required to hunt in the private hunting area.

Hunts in the Preserve area can be physically demanding.

Pricing for Preserve Hunts is determined by SCI score of the bull, ranging 350 to over 450. 


Free Range Elk –
Bear Mountain Ranch is the spring calving, summer feeding, and fall breeding grounds for hundreds of elk. Strictly controlled hunting practices ensure that the elk remain on the ranch.

Colorado’s archery season beings in late August and continues through late September. Colorado has a muzzle loading season for elk in mid September.

The first rifle season, beginning the first Saturday after October 9, is by draw only. Bull tags for the second and third rifle seasons can be purchased over the counter in many commercial establishments and sporting stores. The fourth rifle season, beginning in mid November, again is by draw only.

Please refer to the Colorado Division of Wildlife web site for more information on Colorado hunting seasons and regulations.


Gary, our guide worked very hard to make sure we had a safe and successful hunt. We have requested him again for next year.      
~ John

The overall experience was better than expected – being able to harvest an elk and pronghorn with my bow was amazing.   
~ Jake Baker

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Mule Deer –
Hunting mule deer in Colorado has been by draw only for over ten years.  During that period, the mule deer herds throughout the State have increased in numbers and quality.  At Bear Mountain Ranch mule deer are lightly hunted.  Our herd sizes have increased, along with the caliber of the bucks.  With the exception of the first elk rifle season, mule deer seasons coincide with elk seasons.  We encourage elk hunters to also apply for a mule deer tag.  An early mule deer only season is available in early October. 


Bison Hunts –
Going back in time to harvest the legendary Bison in a majestic setting is an amazing hunt. Our Trophy Bison roam in a vast valley in a pristine wilderness setting below the Continental Divide. It is the perfect setting for an Authentic 1870 Hunt. As daylight breaks, on horseback or foot, we begin the stalk. The excitement intensifies as you and your guide position yourselves for the shot of a lifetime. The evening after your hunt, celebrate your harvest with an excellent meal in our Arapaho Lodge. The views, tranquility, and comfort of our Lodge will add to the unforgettable memories of your hunt.


Pronghorn –
Bear Mountain Ranch holds an important place in the distribution of pronghorn in the State of Colorado, as it is perhaps the only place in the state where the Continental Divide can be crossed below timberline. Antelope will not enter thick timber, thus the ranch is one of the few places pronghorn can migrate from Wyoming and northern Colorado into Grand County and central Colorado.  The herds continue to flourish and migrate to Bear Mountain Ranch in the spring and stay through their mating season in September.  These strande and wonderful animals truly are the fabled sentinels of the open grasslands on the ranch.

Pronghorn season, in early October, is by draw only. Currently, it takes numerous preference points prior to drawing a pronghorn tag.  Bear Mountain Ranch is occasionally successful in drawing landowner vouchers, which can be assigned to our hunters.