Snake River Outfitters

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First Class Fair Chase hunting
on First Class Private ranches

SRO is one of the largest guide services in Colorado they have the ability to offer an excellent opportunity to harvest the animals of your choice. For the last 25 plus years they have maintained over a 90 % harvest on elk deer and antelope. Due to sheer size of SRO and the diversity of habitat they control they have the ability regardless of what weather conditions you encounter on your particular hunt to provide an excellent opportunity for harvest!!!! Many of the smaller outfitters simply can’t provide you the hunter with this type of assurance.

Due to SRO'S commitment to wildlife management and their stringent ranch criteria they have an amazing numbers of animal available for you the hunter. Over the last 25 years SRO has harvested a remarkable 94.8 % on branch antlered bull elk and over a 96% on all species combined. If what you are looking for is a fair chase hunt where game is plentiful, the lodging comfortable, the hunt relaxing, and you are almost assured of harvesting the animal of your choice then you should consider these ranches.

SRO OFFERS BOTH TRADITIONAL AND RFW RANCHES (Both offer only fair chase hunting experiences) 

Traditional ranches are tied to Colorado’s season, license and weapon structures. SRO has approximately 6,000 acres within their operations that are managed in this traditional manner. 

RFW ranches are ranches that are enrolled in Colorado’s Ranching for Wildlife Program. This program was established by the State to allow ranches with exceptional habitat to have a much greater say in the game management within their individual borders.
At present within the State of Colorado there are a very limited  number of ranches that have qualified or been allowed to enroll in this program. SRO feels very fortunate to manage over 50,000 acres in this unique and exciting manner. The three distinct advantages to this system are.
1. Guaranteed licenses  (no hassles with filling out application or wondering whether you’ll draw a license.)

2. Choice of weapons    (If it is legal within the State of Colorado then you may use it at any time during your hunt here)

3. Ability to set season dates (We have the ability to set our own season dates, so you the hunter would have the option of hunting bull elk with a rifle during the peak of the rut or hunting trophy mule deer with a muzzleloader in November, it is simply your choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Due to the flexibility this program offers we have the ability to hunt 3 species during any one time frame, if you wish to hunt elk, deer and antelope on one hunt with different weapons then this is a hunt you should consider. Also due to the flexibility in species offered it is a great place to book an entire group of friends or business associates, if one person dreams of hunting elk and another dreams harvesting a mule deer, then we have the ability to FULFILL EVERY HUNTER'S DREAM

Lodging on all ranches within the SRO operation provide the hunter with comfortable housing and most modern conveniences , hot running water, electricity and comfortable beds are not the exception here they are the RULE.

Mule deer
Mule deer hunting on traditional ranches are limited to the 2nd and 3rd Colorado season dates. The dates of these hunts for 2010 are Oct 23rd-31st or November 6th-14th these hunts are normally ran in conjunction with elk hunt during that time frame. The harvest % of deer during these time frames have been well over 90% on Bucks in the 21 to 28 inch range.
Mule deer hunts on the RFW ranches are much different we feel on this 50,000 acres we have some of the finest mule deer hunting available in the world.
We offer three different type hunts on this ranch. They can be offer with or without an elk hunting package
- Management hunts starting at $1500.00
- Silver Medal hunts starting at $3500.00 to $5500 for bucks scoring up to 180 inches.
- Gold Medal hunts starting at $10,000.00 ( we offer only 6 of these hunts yearly the average score for 2010 bucks was 204 B&C waiting lists on this hunt are minimum of 2 years)

Silver Medal Deer

Gold Medal Deer



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We only offer antelope hunts on the RFW ranches and they start at $1500.00 and are normally packaged with elk hunts.

Openings For RFW Ranches

September 7th-11th
3 openings
any species (This is a rutting, bugling bull hunt which is always in high demand)
September 27th- October 1st
2 openings
any species (This is also a rutting, bugling bull hunt which is always in high demand)
October 12th-16th
2 openings
any species
Oct 20th-24th
4 openings
any species

North Camp (RFW Ranch)
South Camp (RFW Ranch)
Corona (Traditional Hunts)